Unimate Fuel

For about $3 a day, this might be a life-changing investment in a loved one's future...

...It was for us


Sometimes you need something sweet – for a good start to the day or as a snack. This is the moment for Unimate Fuel with coconut oil and yerba mate! Unimate Fuel has an unbelievably delicious salted caramel flavor, provides energy, and puts you in a good mood. And best of all: Unimate Fuel doesn’t cause blood glucose levels to spike – perfect for those who rely on intermittent fasting, because you can enjoy Unimate Fuel between meals too!




Work, stress, and a busy schedule – it is not always easy to stick to a healthy diet with fasting periods. Before you resort to chocolate as “soul food”, go for Unimate Fuel with coconut oil and yerba mate! Instead of unhealthy sugar, your body receives many valuable nutrients for body and soul, keeping you fit much longer.

Coconut oil with a high content of easily digestible, medium-chain fatty acids

High-quality, concentrated yerba mate with a natural range of:

  • Chlorogenic acid to protect against free radicals

  • Caffeine and theobromine for more energy and focus

  • Matesaponins, vitamins and minerals


  • High-quality, purified, ultra-concentrated yerba mate

    • Concentrated amounts of:

    • Chlorogenic acids

    • Theobromine

    • Mate saponins

    • Antioxidants

  • Convenient single-serving sachets

  • Contains coconut creamer rich in MCTs, which promote a feeling of satiety* and are utilized for energy more quickly than other fats

  • Supports keto and low-carb diets

  • Delicious salted caramel flavor

My daughter Adaline had the symptoms of ADHD and instead of putting her on a chemical drug like Adderall, as suggested by the school system, I wanted to try something a little more natural. We started her on the Unicity Fuel system at the beginning of summer. If you look at the pictures, her public school testing scores for math and reading significantly improved during the summer of 2023, when the national average actually declined. So much so, that her ability to sit and actually focus on reading caused her testing scores to reach higher than 81% of the nation!! I am so PROUD of her!

- Jacob Bradshaw


Information & FAQs


Unimate Fuel has been verified to contain no doping-relevant substances and has been included in Informed Choice for athletes.


  • Mix one sachet Unimate Fuel Caramel with 10–12 oz.

  • (300–350 mL) of water (add more or less to taste).

  • Drink once or twice daily to support energy levels

  • and aid in satiety.

  • Drink with hot or cold water, or try our favorite

  • recipes.

Ideal for

  • Individuals want to fend off cravings and re-energize between meals.

  • Those looking to improve metabolic health and manage their body composition.

  • Individuals on a low-carb or keto diet.

  • Those looking to enhance their focus and improve their mood.

  • People who want to avoid an afternoon energy crash.

  • Anyone looking to boost their stamina for workouts

Featured Ingredients

Green yerba mate leaf: Yerba mate comes from the leaves of the holly plant native to the central regions of South America.

Yerba mate has been used by indigenous people for centuries. Yerba mate is a natural source of caffeine, and it contains polyphenols, which have strong antioxidant properties.

The following compounds are naturally occurring in yerba mate:

Chlorogenic acids: Polyphenol compounds found in plants and seeds like yerba mate, green coffee beans, and tea. Chlorogenic acids may have significant biological effects on the body, including supporting healthy brain function and promoting an improved mood.

Mate saponins: A class of molecules specific to the yerba mate plant. Mate saponins may help support metabolic flexibility.

Theobromine: Structurally like caffeine, theobromine is perhaps best known as the mood-boosting molecule found in high-quality chocolate. Theobromine may promote feelings of calm, improve focus, and reduce mental fatigue.

  1. How much caffeine is in one serving of Unimate Fuel Caramel?

    • Unimate Fuel Caramel has a little less caffeine than one cup of premium coffee. However, since natural ingredients can have some variation, the caffeine amount is not standardized.

  2. How is Unimate Fuel Caramel different from the other Unimate products?

    • All of the Unimate flavors and products have the same Unimate yerba mate extract base. The largest difference is that Unimate Fuel Caramel has the added benefits of coconut creamer, which contains MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) that are quickly converted to energy.

  3. What are MCTs and why is this kind of fat good for me?

    • MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are fat molecules (triglycerides) composed of medium-length fatty acids (as opposed to short or long-chain fatty acids). The shorter length makes them quicker to digest than longer-chain fatty acids found in most other foods. Taking MCTs in the morning can help you eat less at other meals, helping to lower overall caloric intake. MCTs can also be converted into ketones, an alternative fuel source to glucose.

  4. Is Unimate Fuel Caramel compatible with keto or other low-carb diets?

    • Yes. Unimate Fuel Caramel helps the body produce ketones—an alternative energy source from fat—to fuel your brain, heart, and other tissues when you are following a keto or low-carb diet. Unimate prevents that tired, empty, listless feeling that comes from not having enough to eat because it helps the body use stored fat for energy.

  5. What are mate saponins?

    • Mate saponins are a class of saponin molecules that are specific to the yerba mate plant. Mate saponins have been shown to have significant biological effects, particularly in the realm of gene expression related to fat metabolism and weight loss.

  6. What are chlorogenic acids?

    • Chlorogenic acids are a family of polyphenolic compounds found in plants and seeds, such as yerba mate, green coffee beans, and tea. They have important biological effects, including supporting normal healthy blood pressure, supporting normal healthy brain function, and promoting an improved mood.

  7. What is theobromine?

    • Theobromine is a molecule that is similar in structure to caffeine. It is perhaps best known as the mood-boosting molecule found in high-quality chocolate. Theobromine may promote feelings of calm, improve focus, and reduce mental fatigue.

  8. Why can’t pregnant or nursing women use this product? Can kids take Unimate?

    • Unicity does not test products on children, pregnant women, or nursing women. Therefore, Unicity cannot recommend usage for these demographics. It is also good to note that Unimate does contain natural caffeine, and many sources indicate that caffeine may not be good for pregnant women or young children.